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Hi guys! :3 

You might have noticed that I haven’t been on here as much as before and well, that’s because school has officially started. School = Hiatus. T.T Since I don’t want a repeat of last semester it was a pretty bad experience for me, I plan to be on hiatus for the time being.. So that means I’ll be gone until December /cries I was thinking that I would be able to have a least one more week w/ you guys but the workload is already overwhelming me so I can’t stay ahsdjs;dfsdf And I can’t guarantee me being on here during weekends even though I had planned to, but I might be here when I have breaks/holidays?

I have over 30 edits in my drafts that I’ll post on this blog throughout the time I’ll be gone (starting tomorrow) so I guess you can say I’ll be on semi-hiatus since my blog will still be active but I won’t actually be on here.. I EVEN DELETED THE APP FROM MY PHONE LIKE YOOO THAT’S A HUGE STEP FOR ME LMFAO

But I still want to talk to you guys and keep up w/ fandom stuff so if you have Line, please add me (USERID: tobetreasured) so we can catch up! And it would help a ton if you tell me your URL so I can add you back~ c:

And thank you soooo so much for following me! <3 I feel so bad for those of you who just followed me and I have to leave like T.T ughh that makes me soo sad but I will be baaack u.u And to those who followed me from the beginning and stayed for.. whatever reason?? LMAO You guys are so patient w/ me idek like how do you do that ??? You’re all amazing and I really hope we’ll be able to stay in touch akjhsd;sdfh so please add me on Line okaaay

Bye guys, I’ll miss you a lot~ /squishes you all in hugs/ <3image

changmin for the ice bucket challenge
(also, find out more about ALS here if you haven’t yet)